We welcome all who yearn to know and worship God.

We recognize that each of our paths is unique, yet also believe that we share much in our connectedness as Christians.

We seek to experience that real desire to be agents of God's redeeming love in our community and in the world around us. We are a place of hospitality, and recognize that we must be in active care of our neighbor.

We are a family of faith, in which all of us share in the gifts we humbly give, and that we thankfully receive. We live together as a family of God, responding at all times with thanks to the peace of Christ.

We celebrate our community across all age groups, and our children particpate in our worship services. We pray for both individual and collective sanctification as we strive to live in unity.

As we engage in, and undertake, the search for truth and justice, we give honor and voice to one another. We desire to keep growing to theological maturity.

Our use of music in worship may vary in form and style. This is intended to give glory to God, to uplift our hearts and spirits, and at other times to quiet and calm our inner selves.

We desire to experience together the dwelling of the Holy Spirit in our midst. We will show our love for one another, and give all honor and glory to God.