Pr. Karla Dias

Karla grew up in Brazil, and after her BA at Word of Life, she worked as a missionary at MEX a mission with the Xavante Indians in the Amazon under the care of her local Presbyterian Church in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.

In the early eighties, she worked as the Music Director at the First Presbyterian Church of Coronel Fabriciano in Minas Gerais, where she met and married her husband Roberto Dias. 

With their daughter Erika, they came to the US in July 1989 and their son Evan was born in Cambridge in 1990. 

Through the years, Karla has helped Brazilians and Hispanics as needed and worked as an interpreter for over twenty years in the greater Boston Area. 

In 2009, she was confined to a wheelchair for three months and that’s when the call to ministry came. Not knowing if she would be able to work again, she believed her only chance was to study and become a chaplain. Her pastor, Eric Markman encouraged her to obtain her Master’s of Divinity at Andover Newton Theological School to be an Ordained Chaplain. However, even with MDiv, over 2,000 hours of CPE, and speaking three languages fluently, she could not get a chaplain’s job.

    God had a plan! 

In October of 2016, Pr. Karla has become the first full time female pastor at Londonderry Presbyterian Church, even though she is still working in her Ordination Exams. 


Bob robbins - CLerk of session

Bob Robbins was baptized and became a member of LPC on Palm Sunday 1994. Bob moved to New Hampshire from Ithaca New York in March 1960, and moved to Hudson, New Hampshire in February 1968.

At present Bob is ruling elder and clerk of session at LPC.

Bob also serves on the finance committee. He has served on the finance committee since 1993, even before he was a member. He has played trumpet as part of the worship service since 1993. Bob served as chair of the capital campaign committee 1996 and vice chair of the capital campaign committee in 2001. He is presently chair of the Community end outreach committee.


Carol Bradbury - Elder

Carol was born and raised in Stamford, CT and was baptized and married in the First Presbyterian Church of Stamford, CT.

Her 2 oldest daughters were also baptized there.

They moved to Londonderry, NH in 1986 and immediately had their membership transferred to LPC. Their 3 daughters attended Sunday school at LPC and 2 of their daughters attended KBC. Their youngest was also baptized at LPC.

Currently she is a ruling elder and co-chair of the Capital Campaign committee. Previously, she served as a deacon. 


Carl Wimmer - Elder

Carl Wimmer was born in Illinois in the Chicago area.  After college Carl married and started working for American Airlines then the Army, then back to American.  With the airline he was transferred to Columbus, Ohio and Rochester, NY before transferring to Boston and moving to Londonderry in 1982.  He and his wife Nancy had two kids, boy Mark and girl Kelley.

Carl retired from American Airlines in 2003 and has worked part time since then.

Carl joined LPC near the end of the 80's.


Linda Harvey - Elder & Worship Leader

Linda was born and brought up in Burlington Vermont. Her family has been in Londonderry, Hudson, Litchfield and Nashua for many generations, and she has visited Londonderry since childhood. Linda has attended LPC since she was born when she was here visiting family. Her family moved here to their family farm in 1991, and she became a member of LPC in 1992.  

In 2008 she was ordained as an elder and joined and became co-leader of the worship team in 2012. She has served as treasurer and on the finance, outreach and worship committees. She has been the worship leader since 2016. In addition, she has been involved with the Worship Team Nursing Home Outreach program, Stepping Stones Program, Walk with Me and Walking Together programs.